Soon maybe I’ll have some finished things. This is a fun quick knit, it’s the Racerback Tank from the current VK minus the pocket. How can they suggest a wool yarn for something so summery?? Cotton Ease is the better choice!

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Want to see my interesting needles?

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I ordered some yarns. 5 balls (soon to be 6 since the seller screwed up the dyelots) of Pistachio Cotton Ease…it is so soft and inexpensive…and I don’t have any Pistachio. I ordered yarn from HandPaintedYarn . One hank of the laceweight in Butter and another in the Sapphire Magenta Gold and one of the Ejido 160 in Picnic. The Butter is going to be a lace stole I have ideas for. The other two are just for fun. 

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