Lots of stuff going on. I switched to a new, better, reliable host. I’m working two jobs and going to school. A few weeks ago in the horrible snowy weather my car slid into the curb on a curvy exit ramp, the tire bent crookedly. So 2+ weeks driving the old car, last week finally got it back, poorly aligned with the brake info light stuck on. Insanely painful corneal ulcer as of last Tuesday. Still not completely gone. Today my first sculpture project for class blew away in the wind and crashed into tons of pieces right before class.

I started the top part of the body for Torino. I’ve done more since the picture.

the kings speech full video download

click for larger image

want to watch the karate kid movie

And another sweater. It’s that scoop neck cardi from Debbie Bliss’ Noro book.

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I got tons of new yarn too. R2 stuff from Webs and more.