today in pictures.

cracker barrel.
i love cracker barrel. i’ve been to like at least one in every state from nj to fl. (two very boring vacations)
chicken fried steak. yum. gravy. i love it.

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today was great. sunburned and minis.
and how cute is my new knitting bag ! (TRAILERHOMEY, BUY ONE NOW. )
…knitting at crackerbarrel…

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then the most perfect scene ever.
at starbucks a few hours, mall and salads later..

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it's so early.

The Yarntini yarn I got from in Cosmopolitan (pink, red and green) is my absolute favoritest sock yarn ever. It tops all my other pink and green yarn. I’ll update this with pictures when I get home from work. it is sooo cute. That pass the dutchie song is making me wish it was summery outside and that I could be on a beach tanning. Now it’s that sugarhill gang song. Interesting cd.
The other week there was an incredibly hot mailman here. What happened to him??

Trailer homeyy don’t forget you can post here tooo!!

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this post brought to you by JimJim.

He tried to type a post for everyone…

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But he got a little distracted.

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On the Noro shrug front, I have 3 balls down 7 to go.

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