I got an awesome new phone that replaces my cell and my gatorade ruined palm. Easier to post from it than it was on the palm. I love it! Ill get around to posting for real. I think i may have shut off comments to stop the spam.

edit- nevermind i didnt do the comment thing right, just ignore it

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Rhinebeck was SO disappointing. Maryland was like a million times better.
The gps nav thing is awesome, best purchase ever.
We found a 20 on the ground right before we entered, so we paid the entrance fee with that. That was the highlight of the trip. There was a booth with deep fried artichokes. So amazing but way too expensive for what it was. The line at the fold was incredibly stupid. I think that socks that rock yarn is ugly (I do have some, so it’s not an unfounded opinion) It was kind of annoying since I wanted some of the awesome roving like I got at maryland. I wouldn’t wait in that line even if they were giving out free yarn. I think that there were a lot of vendors with much more attractive sock yarns and handpainted yarns. But what is it with those gross colorways- those earthy tones with dark fall colors. EVERYONE had those and it all looked the same.
Left around 1:30 Got back at 3ish, went to a yarn store but didn’t get anything, got starbucks, went to garden state plaza to spend what was left over from rhinebeck, then got sushi. and got back home before 8pm. i’ve never done so much in one day. my car isn’t loving me.

Now the stuff i got.
I managed to find a couple things that I wanted. I couldn’t bring myself to leave with nothing, I was close though.

Very me sock yarn from ellen’s half pint farm.

click for larger image

Melon worsted weight yarn from shelridge farm, I got two hanks for a scarf.

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Romney in a cute color, I wish I got more…it was a really good price. from hippity hoppity something I can’t remember right now, but their website is .

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The most comfortable socks I’ve ever had in my life. They are lined in loopy kid mohair. from .

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Cute sheep!

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and jimmy looking silly. he’s still a really tiny cat and he’s an angel.

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