mr. whiskers!

This is my new cat! He’s about a year+ old. He’s been hanging around my house for that long, and we’ve been feeding him. My sister asked the neighbors (who have millions of unfixed cats running around outside) if it was theirs and they said no (it obviously came from one of their cats though) so now he’s our cat! Sometime soon I’m taking him to the vet to get de-ticked and neutered and checked out. He is so so so tiny!!! You have no idea how tiny he is! Maybe 6lbs. He is really sweet! He purrs and follows me around and wants to be our cat, he leans against the house and sleeps. And when he gets really excited he snorts!
Here he is yesterday in the rain, laying on my sister’s car.

and him eating some catfood this afternoon
My sister called him Mr. Whiskers and it stuck.


what i found in my starbucks coffee today.

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. today it was some kind of shiny piece of paper. im going back to return it after work, i already called and complained. i don’t know why i go to this starbucks! especially after the bug incident. not going back again.

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My computer died again! I’ve really had it, I’m not even getting it fixed though I have one of those plans. I give up! I’m just going to buy a new vaio. At least I have two awesome phones to switch between to keep me entertained and glued to the internet.

I found one of my goldfish dead this morning. He was sick with a fungus for a while and I tried all types of meds to save him. I don’t really want to post another picture of him because I don’t want to see his cute little smiling face. Wow this has been a really bad couple of weeks.

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done, fo real.

New iron and I got it totally blocked and seamed and ends woven in. I’m still undecided about the ties. I didn’t do full ones, but I like having the choice of taking them off so I just tied them onto the seams.

cutest thing ever!

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