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my digital camera is missing :(

i finished a jacket.. i also did a whole ton of other things too, but this is my favorite right now.
it’s cascade eco wool and the a-line jacket from Runway knits. I added alchemy silk purse lined pockets.


I’m also making a fun ripple afghan. I think i started it last winter and pulled it out yesterday and started up again. No pics though. I can’t even find the charger on the old camera. I am sooo angry that I lost my camera!! Part of me remembers putting it somewhere where no one would touch it, but I can’t remember if that actually happened or not. It’s really bothering me and I look every day to see if I can find it. I really want a new one now, but I’d rather get a new phone before a new camera.

Here’s more cute Mr. Whiskers! I looooove this cat! He is like glued to me. None of my other cats like me except for this one!! . He is such a sweet cat he did not deserve to be outside for as long as he was, he doesn’t even try to go back out there.

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merry christmas


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