losing patience quickly.

I hate UPS.
They took my package that should have been overnight delivery, misrouted it to a town over an hour away from me, THEN it got placed on a truck for delivery. How does this happen? How do packages get sorted? if no one looks at the address TWICE yet keeps moving itg. I’m shocked it actually made it onto a truck. Of course it happens on a Friday and they eventually tell me that I can’t go pick it up or get it on Saturday, contrary to the one nice customer service rep I talked to. I give up. UPS has serious problems and I wish I had more of a choice when it comes to picking how things I order are shipped.

Mr. Whiskers is my computer buddy. He got there on his own.

And here’s a blanket I’ve been crocheting since last year. Cascade 220 on a I hook. This thing eats yarn like crazy.

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ripple blanket

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see a theme of cute….

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