wer will was machen…

I finished my koigu socks.
And started a new pair.

Which had to be ripped. But I decided to go with something else and restarted.
Modern Yarn got in tons more Koigu in a lot of pretty colors! I grabbed this one.
It also matches my scarf in Farmhouse Yarn’s Lumpy Bumpy in Chocolate Covered Cherries that is more blindingly bright pink than can be captured from my washed out phone picture.

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express lane

this is huge and ugly.

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speckle socks

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mein block und nicht blumentopf sein block

I’m crocheting a plant for someone. If it comes out cute, I’ll make a few more.

alles ist gut

horseshoe lace edge, back side-shaping, pleated gather, reverse stockinette neckline casing. and the most perfect fitting sleeves ever.

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