kuschel kuschel kuschellll

It’s hypnotic.

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I went to Berlin and came back yesterday. I didn’t really buy anything good except for tons of gummy bears for my brother and a lot of chocolate. Before I left I got myself an 80gb zune…the best thing in the entire world. I hated my ipod so much, it was the biggest piece of shit and the last piece of anything apple I will ever own.

In Berlin, I went to the aquarium and saw pretty jellyfish,
a shark with a lot of teeth
I had my favorite sandwich
spent a lot of time looking out the hotel window

and saw a torch across the street catch on fire!
BUT the best thing to watch from the window was the prostitutes! They were SO trashy and wore puffy coats with really tight corsets OVER them! and white boots! AND FANNY PACKS!! and they smelled like cheap perfume and general nastiness!!! I don’t have any pictures of them though.

Today I got a new digital camera. I didn’t think I really needed one, then somehow I ended up at the store buying it, then regretting it on the drive home..until I got home and opened it! It’s a lot like the one I was using but double the mp and it’s brown and not falling apart.
Here’s Fred.

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kersti pullover

I love this sweater!

It’s a top down raglan and it’s the perfect shade of hot pink that’s wearable. Like a salmony, corally hot pink. I’m going to make another one of these eventually….the kersti is an awesome yarn.

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i'm not really a cat lady

Mr. Whiskers took out a ball of yarn, but when I caught him with it, he acted like it didn’t even exist.
Then he went to pick out a new one to play with.

Then there’s Murphy. I brought Murphy home 5 years ago as a fluffy, FRIENDLY kitten. I don’t know what happened. No one was ever mean to him or anything, he’s just nasty.
He has the softest fur, and a curly, grey belly…that I don’t get to smush because he bites and scratches.
one second nice….
next second…claws in my hand!

makes me love mr. whiskers even more!!

enough cats i guess….
I’m making a sweater in Koigu KPM. I love it, it’s so nice to knit with and it’s going to make an awesome sweater! I think it’ll have drop sleeves and a lightly rounded scoop/boat neck.


and my koigu from the other post in a different sock. I’m not so in love with this anymore. I found a new color of koigu I like even more, but I can’t get it until these are done. The last couple weeks all I wanted were a set of addi dpns, now I have a pair!! I hate short needles more than anything, and I hate bamboo in the tiny sizes, and the addi lace needles that smell like brass. The addi dpns are really long (8″) and not bendable…they are perfect!

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koigu sweater

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