two kittens are better than one.

they love each other.

I finished my Kidsilk Haze Slouchy Coverup. It’s really slouchy. It needs a final blocking and a few more ends to weave in before it hits the blog. I think I might do buttons on the sleeves. Now I’m knitting a bikini, more tomorrow….

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like uncle like nephew…

Henry is turning out to be a big mushy mush. Bobby is all play and all food all the time, as well as plotting his escape from my room. This morning, at some ungodly early hour…I heard something fall, and woke up to find Bobby on the floor standing next to a ceramic celery dish (yes, I have a celery-shaped dish in my room! I like to collect stuff like this) BROKEN. I can find another dish on ebay, so at least Bobby was okay. I go back to sleep, and wake up again with both kittens sleeping on me. They just learned how to get on to my bed.
Henry is so much like his Uncle Whiskers…he hopped up on my knee before and I quickly snapped a pic (excuse the crotch shot, ha)….


now here’s his uncle, Mr. Whiskers from a few months ago…

Bobby would like to add, that he too can join in on the heart fur patterns that his brother Henry has (post below this one) and


Bobby got a chin rubbing before and after this picture was taken, obviously.

Because this is a knitting blog and not a kitten blog (surprisingly..) Here’s my latest project, the Slouchy Cover Up from a Rowan Studio booklet. I’m getting closer to finishing the back, I have about 3″ to go. It’s double stranded Kidsilk Haze in Anthracite. The pattern called for 6 balls for the smallest size and right now it looks like I can get away with 5.


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i've got kittens!!!

My two baby kittens are here! pictures soon! they are so teensy tiny and the cutest little mushywushys ever.

Long story about these two…they were moved between shelters and a foster home, had worms, had eating problems…now I’ve finally go my two babies. And I wasn’t able to get the real Mr. Whiskers lookalike because he was snatched up between yesterday and today. So now, here are Bobby & Henry. They’ve gone through many name changes before we even got them. Bobby is the little baby from a few posts below…his brother Henry has an upside down heart on his nose. It’s hard to tell them apart when they aren’t looking at me head on. Bobby has a million whiskers and delicate, long and whispy eyelashes. Henry is a little bit more fat, and has a lighter shade of black fur and in the light is spotted a little like a tabby. I’m keeping them in my room till they’re checked out at the vet for contagious [to other cats] problems. It’s funny, they’re 7 weeks old but they have tons of individual personality. I am so glad I got 2! They aren’t crying or nervous, and right now they’re sleeping together and purring. They prance around together and do a funny little standing jump and make cute noises. I Love, love, love them!!

kpppm socks

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i was too lazy to change anything as i knit, but buttonhole placement is on “wrong” side, and increases as kfb look shitty. sleeves are wide! i tried blocking it longer thus thinner, but it’s still eh.

this was one of those knit as fast as i can just so i can wear it kinda projects. i have an hm zip sweatshirt with the same neckline…i like it, although it’s odd to wear.

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