i love malabrigo

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I really liked my digital camera, but I guess sometime after getting back from my trip and now, it’s lcd got cracked in my bag. I had to get a replacement camera…and I hate it. Megapixelwise it’s the same, but it’s just not the same quality. I was using my phone’s camera but it can’t even be compared to a modern digital camera. At some point I’m going to get a replacement lcd to fix the old one. It wasn’t even a year old yet. I think that if anyone has been reading my blog for awhile you’d notice that I have horrible luck with electronics staying unbroken.

I just finished the (pdf). I used 2 hanks of Cascade 220, and a little bit of Rowan’s Scottish Tweed 4 ply in hot pink for a sc edge. I only did 3 repeats of the main lace pattern instead of the recommended 4, any more than 3 and I would not have had enough yarn. It came out as just what I wanted and makes a decent sized scarf.

I also made a pair of fingerless mittens/armwarmers. I used the for the basis, and knit them much longer, used a size 6 needle, and knit a waste yarn in for the thumb opening instead. I used nearly a full ball of Rowan Kid Classic. These are great for driving so I don’t have to touch the cold steering wheel in the morning.


Now I’m working on finishing Flo from Kim Hargreaves. I’m 2cm away from sleeve cap shaping on the first sleeve, then I have to go back and knit another front, and the other sleeve. I’m getting close to finishing, the back was the most tedious, I think, and if I made it through that I can make it through the rest of the sweater.

The only other thing I’m making right now that needs to get done soon is the . I’m using Malabrigo in Paris Night…my absolute favorite color ever. It’s a really pretty, rich shade of navy. If it wasn’t for the yarn I would so have given up on this. Endless stockinette…..I’ve never knit anything so boring! 2 giant panels of stockinette. If I read ahead, I think I would have done it as one giant piece instead of two.

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