today felt like spring


While today was humid and sort of gross, it felt just like the way spring and Easter should feel!
Still no knitting content. I’ve finished some things, but haven’t had time to photograph them. I’m kind of looking for the perfect project at the moment. I knit a massive Citron shawl in pink Malabrigo Lace last summer. I think I’ve worn it once, wrapped up as a big scarf. I loved knitting it. Mindless pattern with enough to keep it interesting, and soft yarn. Can’t seem to find a project that holds the same appeal.

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Where does time go??

I have no idea.
Completely coincidentally this post comes almost a year to the day of my last.

A lot has changed.

Changed jobs, have had tons of fun, ate great food, bought some great things, entered into the world of sewing, did some knitting.

I wish I had more time. I’d add more to this site. I’ve got tons of ideas, but little time to actually implement them.

I had a nice day today. Had a manicure after work. Going to watch the newest episode of my favorite show. Tomorrow (Easter) is the first day off in over 2 weeks. Plan on sleeping late (which based on my new schedule prob means 8am is late!)

This blog needs a face-lift. Maybe that will be my goal for tomorrow. This is not me anymore, despite the barbie-sparkle-streetwalker-pink my nails were just painted.

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