Completed Klaralund


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I couldn’t get a decent picture so it’s a toothpaste splattered bathroom mirror shot. It’s a little baggy. It’s not as itchy as I thought, it’s pretty warm though. I need to steam iron it. My little vaio broke. I miss it so much, it’s off getting fixed. I bought a huge replacement for it (soon to be brother’s xmas gift). Anyway, it lacks a “Magic Gate” therefore the Magic Stick from the digital camera cannot be used to transfer pictures. (I got the magic stickkk…) So till I get my baby back it’s camera phone pictures. And do I not have the coolest phone ever?? Trailerhomey n I match. Did you ever see the cute little knit scarf on a bottle of Stoli? Cute! Trailerhomey and I recommend mixing it with cranberry juice. And like our matching phones, that’s her matching vaio in the back, not mine. Details and etc. on the Klaralund soon.
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