it's better late…

I’m on the cap of the second Scoop sleeve. I seamed the body and tried it on. I couldn’t get a clear picture, but nooo I’m not/nor ever have been a WalMart employee ok. It actually fits really well. I was making a sherbert colored sock a while back with some mystery yarn, last night I changed my mind. Lavish lace is a really sucky book btw. Stupidly simple little lace patterns.

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faster ipod

And between classes I worked on the Lucky wrap.

the freebie download movie

click for larger image I finished Mon Petit Chou bottoms a month or so ago. They’re really cute. I have more yarn for the top if I ever get around to it. I used some purpleypink R2 Paper for the lacing.

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SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE. AND, the I-so-could-be-a-model picture.