So far I’ve finished a Hot Lava cardi for myself then I made another as a gift for someone in a pretty ugly shade of bright pink Manos I put in some short rows to cut out an inch or so of fabric from the bunching around the collar. My gauge on #2 was so off, instead of doing the recommeded 19 rows before working across the back, I did 53 rows. It fit me very well, but the color is unwearable on me. I’m happy with my pale purple Parma one.
I also knit Picovoli from Magknits in a coral-orange Butterfly Cotton (color “deep shrimp) It doesn’t fit well, too tight and too short. I did take pictures of it that are on my phone that makes it look like it fits nicely, but my computer is weird about me transferring pictures from my cell.
I use Motorola Phone Tools that came with my razr (rip) and it lets me transfer things from my slvr without having to install that phone as a new one. But when I had to reinstall phone tools it doesn’t let me install my slvr, I have to install my old razr then disconnect and plug in my new one. Makes no sense to me. Stupid program doesn’t even let me upgrade.

I’m knitting, and SO close to finishing the cropped cardigan from Blue Sky Alpacas. The trunk show is at Modern Yarn and the cardi looked really cute. I couldn’t find the right color in the blue sky alpaca, so I’m using Frog Tree’s sportweight alpaca in a dusty, sorta cornflower blue. I’m almost done with the first sleeve. It’s so soft!! The pattern has a really attractive looking bind off edge, it has you work two rows in a smaller needle then a bind off in the larger needle in pattern. I dunno why it looks so nice on this, but it does.

Someone at the yarn store is making this wrap in Cascade’s Dolly

yarn and it looks realllllly cute. I want to make one now too.

My family went on vacation for a week leaving me alone. The stash of alcohol came out and it was lots of fun. I made a really trashy boxed set of chicken and dumplings. (the picture below)

I know my blog feels pretty dead. But I’m not going anywhere, I renewed my .com for another year last week.

love and other drugs rip

psp season of the witch movie download