mr. whiskers!

This is my new cat! He’s about a year+ old. He’s been hanging around my house for that long, and we’ve been feeding him. My sister asked the neighbors (who have millions of unfixed cats running around outside) if it was theirs and they said no (it obviously came from one of their cats though) so now he’s our cat! Sometime soon I’m taking him to the vet to get de-ticked and neutered and checked out. He is so so so tiny!!! You have no idea how tiny he is! Maybe 6lbs. He is really sweet! He purrs and follows me around and wants to be our cat, he leans against the house and sleeps. And when he gets really excited he snorts!
Here he is yesterday in the rain, laying on my sister’s car.

and him eating some catfood this afternoon
My sister called him Mr. Whiskers and it stuck.


  1. monica says:

    cute kittie! based on the town you live in, there might be a group that can come and neuter the neighbor’s cats so that you don’t have a dozen. in montclair, they are called humane montclair, so it would be ‘humane’ + name of town.

  2. showin’ love how are you ? great knits !

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