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Mr. Whiskers is the cutest cat ever! We’ve been keeping him in the porch for the past couple days and gave him flea/tick drops. He is so mushy and cute! He’s a lap cat! I’ve never had a lap cat before..haven’t even met one. He rolls around and purrs and rubs his head against my hand and he hits me if I try to walk away. I have to take more pictures of him, he’s like a permanent kitten! I can’t wait till I can bring him in the house, he’s so cuddly!

Here’s a sock I’m knitting with Fleece Artist Nova Socks. I’m doing a feather and fan for the leg minus the purl rows.


I’m also making a . I’m using Handpaintedyarn’s Laceweight in Sauterne. It’s actually a bright goldish sunflower yellow. I like the way it’s knit, I might come up with my own Orenburg-ish larger scarf later. I have a few hanks of HPY’s lace in merino and wool that I don’t know what to do with. I think I have one of their dark multis in wool, and then butter and shocking pink in merino.


And maybe I’ll make another of these in the lace cashmere that got ruined in the gatorade spill of last summer. I am still SO bitter about that and I still miss that stupid palm lifedrive that died, I even had a dream about it last week. I’ve got 2 very cool phones that replace and surpass the palm, I have a cute computer, and I stilll miss it. I even check ebay every now and then looking for a replacement but end up talking myself out of it.

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