Where does time go??

I have no idea.
Completely coincidentally this post comes almost a year to the day of my last.

A lot has changed.

Changed jobs, have had tons of fun, ate great food, bought some great things, entered into the world of sewing, did some knitting.

I wish I had more time. I’d add more to this site. I’ve got tons of ideas, but little time to actually implement them.

I had a nice day today. Had a manicure after work. Going to watch the newest episode of my favorite show. Tomorrow (Easter) is the first day off in over 2 weeks. Plan on sleeping late (which based on my new schedule prob means 8am is late!)

This blog needs a face-lift. Maybe that will be my goal for tomorrow. This is not me anymore, despite the barbie-sparkle-streetwalker-pink my nails were just painted.

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