mdsw, 2011


I went down to the Maryland Sheep & Wool festival on Sunday. The weather was really nice. I was only at the festival for maybe 2 hours but got exactly what I was looking for. I kinda went crazy and stocked up on some Koigu and some mill-ends. I am still working on a crochet block blanket that is going to take me ~400 squares. I’m at a little over 200 now. I’m running out of my original Koigu colors and needed some new additions. Also got a teensy bit of roving in a very me color combo and some yarn for a summery thing.


I finally got to try ribbon chips this year. Kind of underwhelmed. Highlight of the trip was finding a new route there and back. I’ve taken the parkway in the past, this year I figured out how to take the turnpike. By figure out…I don’t mean follow the GPS, because it lies and in the past it had routed me on the longest, most boring road ever!

I am so surprised that I actually am conscious enough to write a semi-coherent post on a Monday!!
Meanwhile, I’m avoiding other things, such as email, FB, messages etc. Oh well.

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