Fringed Beach Wrap

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It makes a really cool beach wrap, or a light-weight shawl.

Worsted weight cotton, — Sugar and Cream, or Peaches & Creme, Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton.
I used 2 balls of Peaches & Creme.

Size 10 needles

Finished Size: Approximately 63″ long and 15″ at the widest not including fringe, the lacey pattern stretches a bit,
and you can add more stitches if you’d like it wider/longer.

Note. While knitting this, you should be pulling your stitches down after every few rows or so, you really don’t need to
block this unless you feel like it..

Worked over an odd # of sts.
Row 1: k1 *yo, k2tog* rep from * to *
Rep. Row 1 to form pattern.

CO 7sts, work in pattern till piece measures 12″ from beg.

Next row (increasing), RS: work in pattern up to last 2 sts, yo, k1, yo, k1.
Following row, WS: work pattern across.

Repeat those 2 rows until there are 33 sts on the needle.

Then work pattern straight until piece measures 17″ from the last increase row, ending with a WS row.

Next row (decreasing), RS: work in pattern to last 6 sts, yo, k3tog, yo, k3tog.
WS row: work in pattern across.

Repeat these 2 rows till 7 sts remain, then work the pattern straight till it measures 12″ from the last decrease row.

Bind off loosely, on mine I dropped the yo sts and bound off loosely over the space.

To add fringe, Cut strands of yarn to measure 24″, and attach them, folded in half to each space on the bottom edge–
Insert the folded part of the strand into the space, and pull the two “legs” of the strand through the loop formed by the
folded part, and tighten. Keep going till you got the amount of fringe you want.

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